We need your help at the Sodus Bay Annual Water Chestnut Pull

Please join other volunteers at our Sodus Bay Annual Water Chestnut Hand Pull which takes place on

TWO DATES:   July 23d and July 30th  9 a.m. – noon;


  • Emerald Point of the Second Creek (July 23d); 
  • Clark Creek & Spiegel Drive  (July 23d)
  • Sodus Bay at the Bay Bridge (July 30th)

Please help remove this invasive species from Sodus Bay - Come and BRING FRIENDS!

SOS Board member Dan McCullough harvested 6 bags of immature water chestnuts at the old trestle marina last week. This site will need to be revisited later this month as some weeds were inaccessible due to docks and large boats. Dan did a lot of outreach with boaters.  We will provide them with some invasive species materials at that visit so that they know what they’re looking at!

  • WHAT

    Sodus Bay Annual Water Chestnut Pull –

    Each year volunteers help with a water chestnut hand-pull harvest. In July helpers turn out in canoes and kayaks

  • WHY

    The water chestnut is an invasive plant that can clog waterways, cause fish kills, tangle up boats and lower the value of shoreline property. To help with the effort to control aquatic invasive species we pull them out because these plants grow very rapidly and if not managed, they out-compete native aquatic vegetation and form impenetrable floating mats on water surace.

    These mats create a hazard for boaters. The density of the mats can severely limit light penetration into the water and reduce or eliminate the growth of native aquatic plants beneath the canopy.

    The reduced plant growth combined with the decomposition of the water chestnut plants which die back each year can result in reduced levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, impact other aquatic organisms, and potentially lead to fish kills.

    Another effect of dense populations of water chestnut is the migration of small fish from under the canopy to the edges of the vegetative mat. That in turn leads to concentration of larger game fish attracted to the veritable “smorgasbord” at the fringe.

  • WHEN

    July 23, SATURDAY – from 9 a.m. till noon  – Emerald Point of the Second Creek 

    July 23, SATURDAY – from 9 a.m. till noon – Clark Creek & Spiegel Drive  

    July 30, Saturday, from 9 a.m. till noon – at the Bay Bridge


    Emerald Point of the SECOND CREEK – Use an orange weed harvesting machine as the landmark –  July 23, Saturday, from 9 a.m. till noon

    CLARK Creek & Spiegel Drive – July 23, Saturday, from 9 a.m. till noon

    The BAY BRIDGE – July 30, Saturday, from 9 a.m. till noon