After April 2016 Storm on Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario, which caused a BREACH between Charles Point and Crescent Beach, SOS has made a few videos showing the breach and the alarming conditions of the East Breakwall.

The videos are arranged in a playlist and will play one after another.

Sodus Bay Shoreline Maintenance is Vital for the Bay

Both the breach and the East breakwall conditions underscored  the importance of maintaining Shoreline Resiliency if the Bay is to remain the BAY and not become a part of Lake Ontario.

Since the initial videos were published, SOS has discovered that in 1986 a Study was conducted by the Army Corp of Engineers which was followed up by a report 1988. Watch the video below where Dave McDowell, President of SOS discusses it and talks about the next steps.

The army Corp has estimated that they need $250,000 for the Design of the East Breakwall Restoration project and has been requesting the money in their annual budget requests to Congress for at least the last 4 years.

These moneys have not been appropriated by the Congress yet.

Our contribution of $125,000

Our contribution of $125,000 in cash would help ensure the project gets underway quickly. We have no time to waste because the devastation that will be caused by the failure of the breakwall will be significantly more costly to remediate.

Do you CARE about Sodus Bay? Please DONATE to East Breakwall Restoration TODAY!


After we published the videos about the breach and the condition of the East Breakwall on Facebook, a few people asked: Why Do We Need East Break Wall and Sand Bar? Good question! Dave McDowell, President of Save Our Sodus, answers it in this video. Please watch, share, support.

In case you haven’t seen our video showing the condition of the East Breakwall in Sodus Bay, please watch it below, share and support us.

A lot of Sodus Bay summer residents and fans were away at a time we had a major storm on April 3-4 of 2016. You can read about it in this post and watch the video below that we recorded a few weeks later.

Not much that we are aware of, and that was the reason we wanted to make the videos in the first place. Watch Ed Leroux, former SOS President share it with you in the video below.

The SHORT answer to that question is two-fold.

1. The Breach is on the private property and Breakwall is on the public property.

2. There has been a push for the East Breakwall restoration during the last four years. We believe that us coming together as a concerned community and raising initial money for the Design of the Restoration of the East Breakwall would STIMULATE the project and expedite it significantly.