Preserve, Protect and Improve Great Sodus Bay

Save Our Sodus is an organization established by a group of longtime residents of the Sodus Bay area who are dedicated to addressing challenges to the quality of Sodus Bay.  It consists of a board of directors whose members serve fixed terms. The board membership is replenished by current members generating invitations to serve. This board finances its activities by contributions from persons and organizations that support an environmentally sound Sodus Bay.

Current challenges that SOS has identified are:

  1. Water quality – We identify sources of pollutants such as historically accumulated sediment, land runoff from adjacent residential and business properties, farms and communities in the water shed area. Also included are animal and human waste such as excessive Canada geese, sewer treatment facilities and septic systems.
  2. Invasive species – The Bay contains both plant (i.e. Hydrilla, water chestnuts, etc) and animal types (i.e. gobies, mute swans, zebra mussels).
  3. Changes for Lake Ontario water levels – The International Joint Commission (IJC) Plan 2014 would alter both high levels that contribute to flooding and low levels that effect commercial and recreational uses and threaten to reduce property values.
  4. Protection of the shorelines – Maintain piers, break walls and Crescent Beach that can be damaged by storms thereby threatening the interior shoreline of Sodus Bay.

Some of the actions SOS is pursuing to mitigate these challenges are:

  1. Restoring the wetlands formed by the tributaries which empty into Sodus Bay. SOS efforts are aimed at obtaining funding and approval for restoration projects that will enhance the functionality of these wetlands.  Additionally, SOS proposes promoting the selective and intelligent reintroduction of beavers into the environment to build and maintain dams that serve to filter out pollutants from water shed sources.
  2. Encouraging government officials to fund regular dredging of the channel. This would allow more water exchanges between the Bay and the Lake and thereby dilute the effects of the historical sediment in the Bay.
  3. Encouraging the expansion of the Sodus Point sewer system to properties on Sodus Bay that are not currently served by it or any other well controlled sewer treatment facility.
  4. Support and promote the continuation of good practices pursued by Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District toward farms, residents and communities in the Sodus Bay watershed.
  5. Promoting the New York State Clean, Drain and Dry campaign for visiting boaters using the Bay. Identifying invasive species found in the Bay and organizing campaigns to eradicate them.
  6. Opposing the implementation of IJC Plan 2014 which eliminates the current four foot range of control that has been in place for Lake Ontario since 1958. Plan 2014 would cause more frequent flooding conditions and more frequent extreme low water occurrences.  Plan 2014 will also cause more shoreline erosion, jeopardizing long term public infrastructure and private property.  Both high and low extremes will diminish property values, which will adversely impact the Lake Ontario south shore communities.
  7. Encourage government officials to provide plans and funds to maintain the piers and Crescent Beach to protect the interior shoreline of Sodus Bay.