In this video Save Our Sodus’ President Dave McDowell talks about the likely flood, the Coalition Fight Plan 2014, East Breakwall, and urges all waterfront property owners to prepare…

Water Level of the Great Lakes on January 17, 2020

On January 17, Lake Ontario water level is 246.19′, which is 1 inch higher than a month ago, 9 inches higher than a year ago at that time and 19 inches higher than a long-term average for that time of the year. By February 17 the lake level will go up 4 inches.

Source: The US Army Corps of engineers.

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Your Photos and Videos of the Flood Damage are Requested for the FLOODING DOCUMENTARY

In collaboration with the Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Alliance, Solon Quinn Studios, is producing a documentary video on the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, flooding affecting our region, community, and homes.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEO of damage from the flooding and be sure to let us know the location of your images and videos in the naming of your files. (for example, name your image or video file of the damage to Arney’s Marina in Sodus Bay in 2019 “SodusBayArneys2019”)

What is happening and what has happened is ethically wrong, criminal in nature and heartbreaking.

It’s time for everyone who has experienced this nightmare to be given a voice, a platform from which to be heard and space in which to share their stories.

We plead for anyone and everyone who has been affected by this disaster to reach out and share their photos, videos, and thoughts (video and cell phone video preferred) to help us let the world know the wrong that is being done.

Your submissions are greatly appreciated and this production will hopefully be released for all to share and see sometime in Spring 2020.

Thank you for your time and contribution to this cause.

Thank you,

Dave McDowell