We Did It!

After ten years, SOS and its partners are finally able to say that we collected every water chestnut that we could find today.  What was 22 acres is now zero.  We were under trees, around fallen trees and in the cattails.  We made a sweep of Second Creek itself and the center open water of Emerald Cove and when we couldn’t find any more we quit for pizza.  A big, “Thank you.”, to the Scouts, the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District, NY Sea Grant, the SOS Launch Stewards, the NY Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Launch Steward from Fair Haven State Park, the Sodus Bay Improvement Association and SOS members from all around the Bay and some of their friends.

Did we get them all?  No.  We likely missed a few and there will be some late bloomers but they will likely not mature.  Our job now shifts to vigilance, lest they return.  SOS appreciates all the help and support received over the years and now it’s time for the riparians in the Emerald Cove area to take up the baton and continue the challenge.  I’m sure that the County Soil and Water Conservation District will continue to harvest the areas accessible to the harvesters.  If the job that they did this year is any example, over 80 loads in the last two weeks, the remaining task should be manageable.